3 LOCATIONS [ 11106 DETROIT AVE ] [ 4491 PEARL RD ] [ 6014 LORAIN RD ]
3 LOCATIONS [ 11106 DETROIT AVE ] [ 4491 PEARL RD ] [ 6014 LORAIN RD ]


Detroit Location  (11106 Detroit Ave,Cleveland, OH 44102) (216)-521-1100)

Cleveland's Favorite Barber "Big Wave"

Hello I’m Big Wave, I have been cutting hair since I was a kid. I feel God made me a barber because cutting hair is one of the few things I do best. This career has a lot more to it than just cutting hair. Sometimes I am a marriage counselor, a psychiatrist, a spiritual advisor, a voice of reason, or a quite ear just to talk to. I love every hat that I wear and it changes daily. My clientele is not just my clientele, they are my friends. I go to birthday parties, weddings, graduations, bar mitzvahs, Christmas parties, cookouts and the list goes on. I know I am very blessed and I certainly do not take it for granted. I am an expert in every type, grade and texture of hair, however I always remain and humble and to be teachable. I look forward to meeting. Thank you.


" Hi I'm Dre & my passion & experience with hair is enormous. I am a Veteran team member at Urban Kutz Barbershop. I have been here 6 years and I have enjoyed every moment. In my spare time I love to jump on my Harley & catch some wind. I look forward to giving you a great service"


Hello everyone I'm Nell. Life is good here at the Urban Kutz Barbershop 11106 Detroit Ave location. Im  a graduate of  LaBarberia Institute of Hair,Ohio's finest barber college & am very passionate about the barber industry. Id love to make your acquaintance.



I'm Lou, it will be a pleasure to meet you. If you like a great haircut & good conversation I'm your guy. Looking forward to meeting you


Hey everyone my name is Chubb. I'm new at the Urban Kutz Barbershop Detroit Location. I'm new to the crew & can cut literally any hair style ,type,or texture. I would love to give you the best hair cut you have ever had. See you soon.

Lorain Location  ( 6014 Lorain Avenue, Cleveland, OH 44102) (216)-417-4319


Hi I'm Greg B. I'm a barber at the Urban Kutz Barbershop 6014 Lorain Avenue, Cleveland, OH 44102 location. I have many years of experience cutting the several varieties of hair. I pride myself on professionalism & my extensive skill set. Please book your appointment today.


Hi I'm Kristian. I am new at Urban Kutz Barbershop. I love cutting all types of hair & having good conversation with people. I also love cars, sports & my mom's delicious Hispanic cuisine. I can not wait to meet you.


Hi I'm  Dhameer, I'm a barber at the Urban Kutz Barbershop 11106 Detroit Ave location. I'm the newest member to Urban Kutz family. I'm anxious to meet & to exceed your expectations.


Hey everyone I'm Mike & I'm at the Urban Kutz Barbershop 6014 Lorain Ave location. I'm a huge sports fan. Im also a fan of  cutting hair.
 I'm passionate about being a barber more importantly about being your barber. I look forward to seeing you 


Pearl Location  (4491 Pearl Rd,Cleveland, OH 44109) (216)-661-5889


Hi my name is Barry. I graduated from Labarberia Institute of hair, Ohio's finest barber college. I have 4 children that I love very much. They are a big part that fuels my passion for the barber industry.  I look forward to making meeting you.


Hey what's up my name is Zerlonte, you can call me Z. I'm at the Urban Kutz Barbershop 4491 Pearl Rd location. I'm a seasoned barber that is always looking to gain new clientele. Call the shop at 216 661 5889 & let's get you in my chair.